TeamRoom - Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis

Access is only for members of the European consensus group of experts in cerebrospinal fluid analysis (CSF).

The consensus group was founded by

Prof. Dr. Hansotto Reiber
Neurochemisches Labor
Universität Göttingen

We are partners of Prof. Reiber and INSTAND e.V. for evaluating external quality assessments in neurochemistry. We have developed software that supports the quality control process.

Part of the software consists of visualizations of CSF over serum data for IgG, IgA, IgM according to the graphic format first introduced by Prof. Reiber in 1994. Today, the format is known as Reibergram.

The visualizations have been developed as Java Beans and are active, i.e., when the user moves the mouse over certain sections of the diagram, the bean will display explanatory text.

The visualization beans can be adapated for different purposes, most notably tutorial software.

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