Selection of project partners and customers in alphabetical order


Abbott Diagnostics, Germany

Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Germany

Abbott Laboratories, U.S.A.

  • Software validation
  • Software development
  • Webapplication ThryoFly - interpretation and visualization of thyroid parameters
Abbott ThyroFly Applet: thumbnail
ARS: logo

ARS Computer and Consulting, Munich, Germany

  • Java Training
Beckman Coulter: logo

Beckman Coulter, Germany

  • Knowledge-based visualization and evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) data
  • Interface to Beckman Coulter analyzer
  • Please check out our CSF software.
Beckman Coulter CSF: thumbnail
DialogData: logo

DialogData, Munich, Germany

  • Java Training

GANZIMMUN Diagnostics

GANZIMMUN Diagnostics, Mainz, Germany

  • j.MD Solutions - interface to laboratory information system (LIS)
  • Projects related to j.MD Solutions
Cardinal Health: logo

Health Management Systems, later Viasys Healthcare, now Cardinal Health - Research Services, Höchberg, Germany

  • Software components for guideline-based disease management of Asthma and COPD patients.
Instand eV: logo

Instand e.V., Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Software support for quality assessments in laboratory medicine - here: cerebrospinal fluid analysis (CSF).
Izasa Spain: logo

Izasa, Spain

  • Cerebrospinal fluid analysis (CSF)
Helmholtz Zentrum: logo DIABCARD: thumbnail
  • DIABCARD - implementation of the DiabCardServer API for the DIABCARD smart card for diabetes patients.
LMU: logo

University Hospital Großhadern, Munich, Germany

  • TempoRenal / NIMON - knowledge-based evaluation of the renal function of intensive care patients
  • Support for the technical fusion of SAP systems

Department of Psychology, University Munich, Germany

  • Visualization and administration of peer-to-peer assessment data
KVB: logo

Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayern, Munich, Germany

Senior software development for various projects as external consultants:

  • MEDUSA / MammaCert - software development for the quality assessment of radiologists. The software has a module for the registration, administration and maintenance of the image pool consisting of digital mammographies in DICOM format, and an exam module for conducting and evaluating the actual exam. Please consult the KVB web site for information on the quality assurance program mammography.
  • SmarAkt (previously Athena) - software development digital folder management plus administrative workflow processes. Please consult the KVB web site for information on SmarAkt.
  • Software development for web-based tutorial and exam software - software components for case upload and administration, tutorial generation, tutorial workflow, tutorial evaluation, quality assessment reports. Please consult the KVB web site for information on the online ultrasound tutorials and exams.
Neurochemichal Laboratory: logo

Neurochemical Laboratory, University Göttingen, Germany

  • TeamRoom software
  • Long term collaboration with Prof. Hansotto Reiber on knowledge-based evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • Visualization of cerebrospinal fluid analysis data with Reibergrams
  • Please check out our CSF software.
Reibergram: thumbnail
SAP Retail Solutions: logo

SAP Retail Solutions, St. Ingbert, Germany

  • Web presentation
Städtische Kliniken Frankfurt a.M. Höchst: logo

Städtische Kliniken Frankfurt a.M., Höchst, Germany

  • j.MD Solutions and knowledge-based systems to support medical diagnoses
  • Long term collaboration with Prof. Chr. Trendelenburg on knowledge-based systems in medicine
  • Please check out our j.MD Solutions.
SYSMEX Europe: logo

SYSMEX Europe, Norderstedt, Germany

SYSMEX Belgium, Liège, Belgium

  • j.MD Solutions - desktop application for authoring, testing and executing knowledge-based and rule-based systems in medicine with focus on laboratory medicine
  • Collaboration on medical knowledge bases
  • Training
  • Please check out our j.MD Solutions.
j.MD Solutions: thumbnail
T-Systems: logo

T-Systems, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

  • CPS - Java software for project planning, controlling and process optimization
Universitair Ziekenhuis: logo

Universitair Ziekenhuis, Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Knowledge-based systems in laboratory medicine
  • Projects related to j.MD Solutions
  • Collaboration with Prof. V. van Hoof on knowledge-based and rule-based systems in laboratory medicine
  • Please check out our j.MD Solutions.