j.MD - Java Solutions to Support Medical Diagnostic Reasoning

j.MD Solutions - History

The j.MD project was founded by Prof. Chr. Trendelenburg of "Städtische Kliniken Frankfurt a.M.", Höchst, Germany. Many of the ideas realized in j.MD are based on his extensive experience in knowledge-based systems in laboratory medicine. Prof. Chr. Trendelenburg initiated the project and convinced SYSMEX Europe and it subsidiary, SYSMEX Belgium, to join the project as industrial partners.

j.MD Solutions has incorporated more than 20 years of expertise in knowledge-based systems in medicine.

j.MD Solutions is a tool for authoring, testing and processing expert knowledge bases in the medical domain. It was originally designed for the interpretation and validation of laboratory tests. Now, other medical or even non-medical domains can also be served.

Today, j.MD Solutions is one of the most powerful software products for knowledge-based and rule-based systems in the medical domain.

j.MD Solutions - Key Product Features

The modules of j.MD Solutions are based on established technological and medical standards.

j.MD Solutions can be extended with your own code:

j.MD Knowledge Editor - Author expert medical knowledge

j.MD Knowledge Editor - Overview
j.MD Knowledge Editor 1 | 2 | 3

j.MD Debugger - Test knowledge bases against gold standards

j.MD Debugger - Debug Targets
j.MD Debugger 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

j.MD Runtime - Process knowledge bases

j.MD Report Generator - Generate professionally styled reports

j.MD Report generator - Text Pattern Hierarchy
j.MD Report Generator 1 | 2 | 3

j.MD Solutions - Core Advantage for Your Laboratory

j.MD Solutions - Core Advantage for the Medical Expert