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Δ DeltaFinder - the Name

Delta is the Greek letter Δ that is used as a symbol in mathematics, science and engineering to denote a finite difference or a change in a variable.

DeltaFinder is a desktop application designed for the proof-reading process in an environment of controlled documents.

DeltaFinder compares documents with respect to text and image changes and can recognize and compare barcodes. Comparison results are managed through

DeltaFinder in the pharmaceutical industry

Deltafinder Overview
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Principal customers of DeltaFinder are from the pharmaceutical industry which must maintain a zero-fault policy for:

DeltaFinder - Advantages over manual proof-reading

DeltaFinder Report
DeltaFinder Report (PDF)

DeltaFinder - Key Product Features

DeltaFinder is installed in 11 different countries to manage document changes in at least 12 different languages. DeltaFinder can also be used to compare CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese) documents.

Commercial Enterprise Quality

Support for PDF Documents

Intelligent Context Detection

Text and Image Comparison

Barcode Detection

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